Welcome To Bizness Inc’s International E-Commerce Web Solution

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Bizness Inc.’s BizSAS International E-Commerce Solution is in a class of its own. It has additional features that other International E-Commerce systems dont have. For example, the IN-STORE password feature zeros out shipping costs to let you sell in your store or garage, and the estimator login account lets you produce sales quotes for 1 time custom deals! Whether you are a small operation, or an international organization, BizSAS meets your International E-Commerce needs and is easy to cost justify!

Bizness Inc E-Commerce Systems For All Firms Bizness Inc.’s BizSAS (Sales Administration System) is the E-Commerce solution for small and large businesses to let the world shop on-line buying their products and services. You even can make web purchases on your Windows Mobile Device/IPhone!  Click here to test drive the solution:  https://www.biznesscommerce.com/smaterial.aspx

Here are some of the reaons BizSAS is superior:

1.  All BizSAS configurations allow white labeling to customize the screen colors, fonts to make it be your application.  Your logo at the top of each screen and your caption at the bottom of each screens make the shopping cart experience more powerful!

2. BizSAS Domestic conifguration for small businesses not only can bring in world wide sales but can produce Estimates/Quote for special bids and allows for Walk In Store Sales which allows store browsers to view and purchase through the use of an in-store computer display.

3. BizSAS International configuration for larger businesses allows for shipping of products from different countries and internation text.

4. All BizSAS configurations have Web Decision Support Drill Down Reporting with HTML Reports for all Web Browsers and Windows Mobile Devices

5. All BizSAS configurations have inventory management per country, sales tax per country, and allow coupon prices per country.
6. All BizSAS configurations automatically calculate shipping costs based on weight, allow for multiple couriers, and permit volume discount pricing and coupons.

7. All BizSAS configurations integrate with QuickBooks (using IIF files) or generate XML file exports for importing into External Accounting Systems

8.  All BizSAS configurations allow customization of system emails (corporate sales policies), help on each screen and topic index help.

eMail or call for a demonstration to customize!