White Label /Branding
All Bizness applications offer white labeling  which means screen colors, font sizes can be your selection along with adding your logo at the top of each screen and your footer caption at the bottom of screens. 

Pricing and Sales Tax

Bizness pricing is set by you on items you sell per country.  Volume discounts and coupons are taken into account to give the purchaser the best price.  Sales Tax is calculated by country of sale(VAT in UK, HST/GST in Canada, US Sales Tax).  Sales Tax Exemptions allowed by Exemption certificate or shipping out of country.                 
Inventory Management

Inventory and Sales Management By Country. Tract Inventory Back Orders and Warn When Inventory Drops Below Re-Order Level. Manage Multiple Currencies. 
Private Admin System

Alerts to tell you what action to take. Sales Order Actions screen to take you through the steps to order completion.  Workflow for initial set up for you to configure your sales taxes rates per country, coupons per product per country, volume discounts, shipping costs by courier by destination by weight, courier selections (taking into account those that do not deliver to PO Boxes), and other settings like viewing order weights in Metric or Non Metric measurements.  The Admin System has a whole host of other features to let you customize system emails, screen help, topic index help, system emails, etc.  You even can send email newsletters/notifications to all your Customers that want to receive them.  
Over 15 Administrative Reports To Track Total Sales, Products and Inventory World Wide. Drill Down Filtered Reports to get group report sums, averages or counts. All User and Administrative Reports can be printed off at users local printer with no need for extra software like Adobe since reports are in html that can be viewed in Browsers and Windows Mobile Devices worldwide. All Reports dynamically resize to size of users screen.