International E-Commerce Features

BizSAS System includes html pages for products that can be picked up by the search engines!

 International eCommerce Features

  Sales plus In-Store Password Feature

1.       Extra In-Store sales feature using password to zero out shipping.  This can save you buying a swiper and paying credit card swipe services

2.    Sales Estimations can be performed for custom work

3.    Full-featured eCommerce System accept credit cards/PayPal online

Your Product Info and Images   

1.      Clear Images In Grid.  Grid images and full size image can be shown.

2.      Links to your  full page image version of product

3.       National price increases or decreases for all products as well as individual product cost, pricing and inventory by country

Easy Setup

1.      Workflows For Easy Set Up

2.      No HTML knowledge required

3.      Web based administration

 Payment Options

1.      Accept credit cards

2.      Accept PayPal

3.      Credit card processing

4.      Checks, Money Orders, … .

5.      Phone or Fax Orders also

HTML Drilldown Emailable Reports

1.      Sales reports by Country

2.      Product Reports by Country

3.      Customer Reports

4.      Reports can be filtered, customized for desktops or mobile devices  and emailed with no file attachments

5.      Drill Down Reports


eCommerce Management    

1.      Inventory control by Country

2.      Coupon codes

3.      Back orders allowed

4.      Quantity discounts

eCommerce Shipping 

         1.      Set shipping domestic and internationally

2.      You select couriers and check if they ship to PO boxes

3.      Set Free Shipping over X amount

4.      Duties Fess include in Handling costs (if any)

5.      Auto calculation of shipping based on order weight,  maximum package size and start and end destinations   

Site Design

1.      Your Logo top of screen

2.      Your Logo top of reports

3.      Your custom colors

4.      Your caption at the bottom of each screen

5.      Works for popular browsers and windows mobile devices

Privacy, Security & SSL

1.      Free SSL Certificate for Protection (HTTPS)

2.      Password web based Admin

3.      Login Restrictions

4.   Session checking

  QuickBooks and XML Exports 

1 .      Export in Quick Books Format

2.  Export in XML Format

Servers and Hosting

1.      Hosting Including in pricing

2.      Microsoft SQL Servers

3.      99.9% Network Up time

4.      Network Firewall Security

Marketing and Promotions

1.       Change all  prices at a national level by percentage

2.      Custom newsletter s for promotions

3.      Free shipping over set amount $

4.      Discounts per product quantities

5.      Coupon Codes with expiry dates


1.      Live order tracking

2.      View order history

3.      Email confirmations

4.      Forget UserID emailed

5.      Forget Password emailed

Client Administration

1.      Upload small and large jpgs per product

2.      Refunds and allow in store purchases

3.      Agree to terms at log on

4.      Real time tracking for customers

eMail and Newsletters   

1.      Newsletter List

2.      Custom Newsletters

3.      POP 3 email

4.      or Browser based email

Domestic versus International Configurations 

        1.      Domestic model lets you ship for 1 country location

2.      International lets you ship from different countries

3.      Inventory and costing by country

4.      Reports shown by country

Configurable International Content

1.       Customize help text

2.      Customize emails

3.      Internationalize screens

4.      Internationalize text

Sales Tax Options

1.      VAT, HST/GST State-based taxes

2.      Set a % Tax by Gov jurisdiction

3.      Tax shown on invoices

4.      Allow No Taxation for re-sellers, government or non profit accounts